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Prism-based multichannel cameras

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Cameras from Quest Innovations

Quest Innovations designs and manufactures multichannel cameras based on image separation prism assemblies.  Product offerings support a selection of 1/3 and 2/3 inch sensors with up to seven channels.  Channels may include optical elements to provide wide or narrow band spectral separation, neutral splitting or polarization.  Interfaces include GigE, CameraLink and CoaXpress. 

Specific configuration examples delivered over the past 15 years include R-G-B, R-G-B with one or two NIR channels, NDVI, 3-channel 0-120-240 polarization, Bayer with one or two NIR channels and a large assortment of narrowband channel filters to match laser illumination. 

Quest is currently revamping its entire product line to support new sensors and to reduce camera size and weight.  The results of this engineering effort will be described here in the coming months.  In the meantime, Quest continues to design and ship cameras so if you expect to have a specific need, please tell us about it using the form at the right.

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